Survivor Farm

Survivor Farm- Darrell Hulver

Survivor Farm is a small enterprise operated by Darrell and Vickie Hulver near Lake Arrowhead in Luray. The farm’s goal is to raise all the fruits and vegetables needed to survive — right on the farm!

Currently, the farm grows tomatoes, sweet potatoes, salsify, peppers, asparagus, blackberries and raspberries. The blackberries were a huge hit last summer with members of Public House Produce’s CSA.

Darrell Hulver is interested in growing what customers want. For instance, the farm is willing to grwo salsify, which is extremely hard to find in stores. Just drop Darrell an e-mail at and he’ll see what he can do for you!

The West Virginia native is employed by Page Co-op Farm Bureau in Luray and serves on the board of the Page Valley Fair Association. Vickie is an LPN employed by Page Health Care.

This spring, 200 asparagus plants and 40 to 50 blackberries and raspberries are to be planted. It will be two years until the asparagus comes to market and next summer for the berries.

In his spare time, Darrell enjoys working with wood, making white oak baskets and making small brooms from his broom corn.